Новый тренировочный вариант ЕГЭ по английскому языку 11 класс 2024 (задания и ответы)

Работа по английскому языку состоит из четырёх разделов («Аудирование», «Чтение», «Грамматика и лексика», «Письменная речь»), включающих в себя 38 заданий. На выполнение работы отводится 3 часа 10 минут (190 минут). Ответы к заданиям 3–9, 12–18 и 30–36 записываются в виде одной цифры, которая соответствует номеру правильного ответа. Эту цифру запишите в поле ответа в тексте работы. Ответы к заданиям 1, 2, 10, 11 записываются в виде последовательности цифр. Эту последовательность цифр запишите в поле ответа в тексте работы. Ответы к заданиям 19–29 записываются в виде слова (нескольких слов). Ответ запишите в поле ответа в тексте работы. Раздел 4 («Письменная речь») состоит из 2 заданий (37 и 38) и представляет собой небофльшую письменную работу (написание электронного личного письма и письменного высказывания с элементами рассуждения на основе таблицы/диаграммы). На чистом листе укажите номер задания и запишите ответ к нему.

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Интересные задания:

1 1. I buy only hardback books as they can be used longer.
2. I have found out that the choice of books read by young people is rather limited.
3. I read books that give food for thought.
4. I am fond of books about people who succeed in overcoming difficulties.
5. I want to convince myself not to keep books I don’t need any more.
6. I have difficulty getting interested in some books despite their enjoyable language.
7. I would like to share books with other people.

2 A) Katie prefers Paris to Nice.
B) Katie thinks that it is good to have countryside nearby.
C) Katie thinks that it wasn’t worth seven weeks work to pay for the holiday.
D) James thinks Katie’s brother made a better choice.
E) James booked an expensive restaurant without consulting Katie.
F) James has eaten at La Cambuse before.
G) They plan to be up all night

3-9 3. When Katie says “it’s quite self-explanatory”, she means that
1) bullet journals are designed by their owners.
2) it is easy to understand the meaning of the word.
3) one can learn the skill without anybody’s help.

4. Which of the following is NOT the reason why the presenter finds the popularity of bullet
journaling strange?

1) Bullet journals are not digital.
2) Bullet journals are too simple.
3) Bullet journals are expensive.

5. According to Katie, the main advantage of bullet journaling is that
1) it helps you not to lose things.
2) it serves your individual needs.
3) it allows you to draw pictures.

6. When the presenter exclaims “No kidding!”, he expresses surprise about the fact that
1) bullet journaling was invented by an adult.
2) bullet journals aren’t used by young children.
3) bullet journals are supposed to be beautiful.

7. The person who invented bullet journaling
1) had a hard time concentrating on things.
2) couldn’t attract attention to his invention.
3) wanted to learn to design beautiful journals.

8. Katie’s mother thinks that bullet journaling helps people to
1) organize things that need to be done.
2) efficiently do what needs to be done.
3) postpone doing what needs to be done.

9. Which of the following does Katie NOT mention as one of the reasons for bullet

1) making life organized
2) developing creativity
3) finding peace of mind.

A. There are a lot of traditions connected with Christmas but perhaps the most important one is the giving of presents. Family members wrap up their gifts and leave them at the bottom of the Christmas tree to be found on Christmas morning. Children leave a long sock or stocking at the end of their beds on Christmas Eve, 24th December, hoping that Father Christmas will come down the chimney during the night and bring them small presents, fruit and nuts.
B. At some time on Christmas day the family will sit down to a big turkey dinner followed by Christmas pudding or Christmas cake. As for Christmas cake, heavy and overfilling it is not to everybody’s taste. To make things worse, it takes weeks to make and when it is ready it can last until Easter, so if you don’t like it, you have to try and eat some at Christmas to avoid being haunted by it months after.
C. Officially Christmas and New Year celebrations run from the 24th of December to the 2nd of January. However, for many Brits the Christmas marathon starts as early as the beginning of October with the first festive adverts on TV. The idea of Christmas shopping is that you spend as much money as you can on anything you cast your eyes on, preferably something neither you nor your family or friends will ever use. An average British family spends 670 pounds or more around the Christmas period.
D. Long live Christmas! -say pickpockets, car thieves and burglars getting their share of Christmas shopping. Every year thousands of people get their wallets stolen in overcrowded shops and streets. Lots of lovely presents, which somebody spent so much time and money on, disappear without a trace when cars and homes are broken into. As much as 9% of people experience a burglary in December.
E. Who doesn’t want to have a white Christmas? Playing snowballs and making a snowman with the whole family on Christmas Day is most people’s dream (apart from the countries like Australia that celebrate Christmas in summer, on the beach). This dream is more likely to come true in northern countries like Russia, but for the British people it’s different. Although it’s not uncommon to get some snow in Scotland and northern England, the rest of Britain is normally only lucky enough to get some frost. In most cases the weather is wet and gloomy.
F. New year is a time for celebrating and making a new start in life. In Britain many people make New Year’s resolutions. This involves people promising themselves that they will improve their behaviour in some way, by giving up bad habits. People might decide to give up smoking, for example, or to go on a diet. These promises are often broken in the first few days of the New Year, however!
G. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. For most families, this is the most important festival of the year. On this day many people are travelling home to be with their families. Most houses are decorated with brightly-coloured paper or holly, and there is usually a Christmas tree in the corner of the front room. Unfortunately, not all families get on well together. As it is a well-known fact, some magazines publish tips on how to cope with.ьChristmas, such as yoga, meditation or holidays abroad.

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