Экзаменационный (типовой) материал ЕГЭ / Английский / 03-09 задание / 13

3. What do we learn about Pamela Smith at the beginning of the interview?

1)  She has worked in various spheres.
2)  She is the most famous mythologist.
3)  She has won many different awards.




4. What is Pamela’s latest book about?

1)  Non-verbal communication.
2)  Modern multi-cultural society.
3)  Visual special effects in media.




5. How can Pamela’s book help writers?

1)  It teaches them to cross cultural borders.
2)  It enables them to write more impressively.
3)  It improves their intuition and imagination.




6. What is special about the symbol of the air?

1)  It is absolutely necessary to live.
2)  It is invisible for the human eye.
3)  It has a lot of interpretations.



7. How does Pamela describe her working space?

1)  Hectic and eventful.
2)  Restful and relaxing.
3)  Nice and modern.




8. What does Pamela NOT mention speaking about her current work?

1)  Publishing some more books.
2)  Teaching private online classes.
3)  Delivering conference presentations.




9. Why does Pamela think traditional plots are necessary for writers?

1)  They are extremely powerful.
2)  They can help tell stories of the past.
3)  They have stood the test of time.



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