Экзаменационный (типовой) материал ЕГЭ / Английский / 03-09 задание / 19

3. Crispin thinks that his first name

1)  is better than Spin.
2)  sounds awful.
3)  should be Darrel




4. By saying universities ‘give me the creeps’ Crispin means that universities

1)  give him nothing useful for real life.
2)  make him study hard for the exams.
3)  cause a feeling of anxiety in him.





5. When speaking about himself at the age of 18 Crispin admits that he

1)  worried about the secret parties in his house.
2)  was somewhat interested in communism.
3)  was going to join the Communist Party.




6.  Crispin is happy because this year

1)  the band’s music has changed a bit.
2)  his band are going to star in a new Hollywood film.
3)  new people have joined the band.



7. When writing songs Crispin

1)  is inspired by childhood memories.
2)  usually stays at his parents’ house.
3)  needs to be all alone to succeed.




8. Crispin decided to sell his first house and buy a new one because

1)  he was tired of being the centre of attention in his neighbourhood.
2)  the main road near the house made the place too noisy.
3)  the new house was a good way of investing money.




9. Crispin thinks music fans are being reasonable when they

1)  call bad music rubbish.
2)  avoid listening to music which causes health problems.
3)  express their negative feelings openly and honestly.



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