Экзаменационный (типовой) материал ЕГЭ / Английский / 03-09 задание / 23

3. Before moving to the USA Kara’s parents decided to

1)  send her to a bilingual school.
2)  start teaching her English at home.
3)  take a basic English course themselves.




4. Kara thinks it’s easier to learn a foreign language at an early age because children

1)  are not afraid to communicate with strangers.
2)  learn it the way they learn their mother tongue.
3)  are highly motivated learners.





5. The main problem the children from immigrant families face in the USA is that they

1)  quickly forget their native language.
2)  have a hard time learning English.
3)  can’t fit into the English-speaking environment.




6.  Kara thinks the key element in learning French is

1)  language environment.
2)  a good teacher.
3)  a good textbook.



7. Kara uses Spanglish when she

1)   talks only to the older members of her family.
2)  lacks words to express her thoughts.
3)  talks to the Spanish who are beginners in English




8. The adults in Kara’s family are against

1)  teaching their children Spanish after they have started school.
2)  making English the only language of communication in the family.
3)  their children speaking English after they are five years old.




9. Kara buys books in English if

1)  she wants to practice and improve her language.
2)  they are not translated into Spanish.
3)  she wants to read them in the original.



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