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3. What do we learn about Caroline Stockwell at the beginning of the interview?

1) She studies music at the university.
2) She was born in Michigan, USA.
3) She teaches music at the university.




4. According to Caroline, counselors at Blue Lake Music Summer Camp...

1) help campers choose their career.
2) make the life of campers enjoyable.
3) provide music tutoring after lessons.





5. What inspired Caroline to become a camp counselor?

1) Her college major in psychology.
2) Her experiences as a child at camp.
3) Her passion for teaching music.




6.  According to Caroline, what is a common difficulty that young campers face?

1) Lack of practice rooms with pianos.
2) Too much work and no time to relax.
3) Missing their homes and families.



7. Caroline wanted the presenter to give a definition of sports because she wanted to...

1) make sure that she understood correctly what the presenter meant.
2) explain that there was nothing about sports that music didn’t offer.
3) show that children who do music get too tired to do sports as well.




8. What important etiquette rule do campers learn at Blue Lake Summer Camp?

1) The audience should clap after each part of a musical piece.
2) It is forbidden to shout and cheer in a classical music concert.
3) It is considered rude to clap between parts of a musical piece.




9. The audience at the concert laughed and clapped loudly because they...

1) found the situation funny and took the performer's words as a kind joke.
2) were glad that finally the concert was over, and they were allowed to clap.
3) were happy that they were not scolded for clapping at the wrong place.



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