Экзаменационный (типовой) материал ЕГЭ / Английский / 03-09 задание / 25

3. The Portobello Festival differs from festivals in Cannes and Venice as it

1)  is running its second season only.
2)  is not so fashionable and well-known.
3)  does not attract celebrities.




4. The festival was initially founded to

1)  let independent filmmakers demonstrate their work.
2)  help different filmmakers earn money.
3)  advertise video equipment but not to show films.





5. According to the festival’s director they made the festival free because

1)  they get enough money for placing advertisements.
2)  there are no expensive prizes and launch parties.
3)  sponsors and funds provide good financial support.




6. One characteristic feature of the Portobello Festival is that

1)  700 films are shown each festival season.
2)  only short films are chosen for the festival annually.
3)  student films are shown together with professionals’ works.



7. The festival’s director believes that their films are

1)  of better quality than TV films.
2)  worthy to be shown on TV.
3)  the world’s top hits.




8. The famous filmmaker whose first film was shown at the festival is

1)  John Malkovich.
2)  Guy Ritchie.
3)  Jonathan Barnett.



9. Speaking about future plans, the festival’s director

1)  thinks the festival will be united with Glastonbury or Edinburgh events.
2)  believes the festival should turn to other arts mostly.
3)  sounds optimistic about the festival extension.



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