Экзаменационный (типовой) материал ЕГЭ / Английский / 03-09 задание / 15

3. What do we learn about Maggie’s musical education?

1)  She didn’t have a special music talent.
2)  She attended a musical school for 9 years.
3)  She didn’t like playing the piano very much.




4. Why did Maggie want to become an actress?

1)  This profession runs in her family.
2)  She wanted to overcome the stage fright.
3)  Acting on stage felt natural to her.




5. What does Maggie say about directors and directing?

1)  She thinks David Lynch is the best director.
2)  She feels she could herself direct a film one day.
3)  She thinks she was fortunate to work with many talented directors.




6. What does Maggie say is the most important thing for her about a film?

1)  The story.
2)  The screenplay.
3)  The partners.



7. Maggie often plays mothers because …

1)  such roles provide lots of opportunities to an actress.
2)  people like her in such roles.
3)  she is a future mother herself.




8. What does Maggie think of her appearance?

1)  She thinks she should take care of the way she looks on screen.
2)  She thinks her looks don’t interfere with her job.
3)  She thinks she’s very beautiful.




9. What does Maggie love about being an actress?

1)  Being able to play both men and women.
2)  Being able to express complex characters.
3)  Being able to look beautiful on screen.



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