Экзаменационный (типовой) материал ЕГЭ / Английский / 03-09 задание / 29

3. In his course Steven Roberts uses original films with

1)  original subtitles.
2)  no subtitles.
3)  English subtitles.




4. What language input does Steven’s course comprise?

1) Slang free language.
2) Modern language.
3) Traditional word lists.





5. Steven designed his film-based course because

1) people have problems watching TV abroad.
2) films reflect real life communication.
3) watching films is the most popular hobby.




6. What activity does Steven NOT mention as a part of his course?

1) Grammar exercises.
2) Audio tasks.
3) Essay writing.



7. What kind of learners does Steven aim his course at?

1) Any level.
2) Top level.
3) Lower level.




8. How can one get Steven’s book on his film-based course?

1) Order by post.
2) Download for free from the Internet.
3) Buy in a book shop.



9. One of the advantages of a movie club, according to Steven, is that it

1) helps one find new friends.
2) gives a chance to watch new films.
3) is not expensive.



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