Экзаменационный (типовой) материал ЕГЭ / Английский / 03-09 задание / 33

3. Sharon is invited to speak about how

1) her work influences her family life.
2) she feels about working all over the world.
3) she is bringing her children up.




4.  How many children does Sharon have?

1) Two.
2) Four.
3) Three.





5. What does Sharon say about her husband’s job of a computer scientist?

1) He had to leave it.
2) He manages to keep it.
3) He hopes to get it.




6. Sharon’s husband’s name is

1) Finnian.
2) Rowan.
3) Julian.



7. Sharon tries not to stay away from her family for more than five weeks because

1) she thinks it’s her physical and emotional limit.
2) she promised this to her husband.
3) it’s general practice of the Red Cross.




8. The first place in Sharon’s heart is occupied by

1) aid work.
2) both her family and aid work.
3) her family.



9. What according to Sharon helped her remain true to her calling?

1) Her husband’s help.
2) Support of her children.
3) The nature of her job.



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