Экзаменационный (типовой) материал ЕГЭ / Английский / 03-09 задание / 40

3. Viral marketing is used to promote

1)  only chocolate, health products and football teams..
2)  things that potential buyers need badly.
3)  all types of goods, products and other things.




4. What is TRUE about Viral marketing and advertising?

1) It is inexpensive compared to traditional advertising.
2) It is always more successful than “hard sell” advertising.
3) It randomly contacts huge numbers of people.





5. What is NOT TRUE about Viral advertising and marketing?

1)  It forces people to buy unnecessary things.
2)  It only works on teenagers or people with hobbies.
3)  It is the practice of placing messages on Internet sites.




6. It is called an epidemic when

1)  huge numbers of people buy what they really need.
2)  lots of people become internet friends.
3)  huge numbers of people pass on a sales message.



7. Many believe that viral marketing is wrong because

1)  it steals peoples secrets.
2)  hired people pretend to be members of a chat group.
3)  it puts innocent comments on the internet.




8. Astroturfing is about

1)  sharing and discussing political opinions.
2)  spontaneous “word of mouth” opinion sharing.
3)  falsely creating public opinion.



9. The writer believes the best way to get an opinion is to

1)  be cautious about astroturfing techniques.
2)  hear it in real conversations.
3)  avoid fake messages.



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