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3. In what way may Jane Dixon be known to the general public?

1) Her work with celebrities can be seen in the media.
2) Her photos are in glossy magazines.
3) She appears in many shows on MTV.




4. What does Jane Dixon say about working in the beauty industry?

1) It is so hard that you might need a psychologist.
2) It is both challenging and exciting.
3) Showbiz people often disagree with their hairstylists.





5. How does Jane Dixon describe her daily routine?

1) She has to spend a lot of time in courts.
2) She spends much time training young hairstylists.
3) She has to do some work as the head of a nonprofit organization.




6. What, according to Jane Dixon, is the best part of her job?

1) Everybody in the showbiz knows you.
2) You can communicate with celebrities.
3) You help people look more beautiful.



7. What does Jane Dixon consider fashionable this season?

1) Autumn colors.
2) Short curly hair.
3) Simple hairstyles.




8. Why, according to Jane Dixon, are extensions so popular among celebrities?

1) They make a hairstyle look expensive.
2) They are fashionable right now.
3) They bring out a hairstyle.



9. Which of the following does Jane Dixon NOT recommend as part of day-to-day hair care?

1) Avoid shampoos for everyday use.
2) Brush your hair every day.
3) Protect your hair from the rain.



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