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3. Which of the following is TRUE about scuba diving?

1) You can do it only in the sea.
2) It involves use of special breathing equipment.
3) It requires three years of training.




4. Which of the following is NOT true about scuba diving?

1) You can hear a lot of sea sounds.
2) You can look at a lot of different fish.
3) One usually wants to repeat the experience.





5.Which part of a diver’s equipment is NOT absolutely necessary?

1) Mask.
2) Scuba fins.
3) Wetsuit.




6. A buoyancy control device helps the diver to

1) control distance and depth.
2) fight decompression sickness.
3) regulate the air tank level.



7. According to Barbara, why is it better to go to a dive school?

1) You get a certificate.
2) You learn more about safety underwater.
3) Self-teaching is illegal.




8. What is the purpose of the ‘buddy’ system in diving?

1) Not to feel lonely underwater.
2) Not to be alone in a difficult situation.
3) Not to depend on one’s instructor.



9. According to Barbara, what should a diver do?

1) Avoid contact with sea life.
2) Swim near coral reefs.
3) Encourage tourists to dive.



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