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Lindsay Wildlife Museum

         Lindsay Wildlife Museum is a unique natural history and environmental education centre where visitors can listen to the cry of a red-tailed hawk, go eye-to-eye with a grey fox and watch a bald eagle eat lunch. More than fifty species of native California animals are on exhibit here.
         Thousands of school children learn about the natural environment in their classrooms A __________________ of the museum. Nature- and science- oriented classes and trips are offered for adults and children. More than 600 volunteers help to feed and care for wild animals, В __________________. Volunteers are active in the museum's work, contributing С __________________.
         The museum was founded by a local businessman, Alexander Lindsay. Sandy, as friends knew him, started teaching neighborhood children about nature in the early 1950s. Initially housed in an elementary school, the museum began offering school-aged children summer classes, D __________________.
         After nearly a decade of the museum operation, it became apparent E __________________. With a new 5,000 square-foot home, the museum could now develop and display a permanent collection of live, native wildlife and natural history objects. People came to the museum for help with wild animals F __________________ urban growth. In response, a formal wildlife rehabilitation programme  — the first of its kind in the United States of America  — began in 1970.

1.  that a permanent, year-round site was necessary
2.  as well as field trips focused on the natural world
3.  many hours of service to wildlife care and fundraising
4.  that had been injured or orphaned because of intense
5.  that needed public attention and a new building
6.  as well as teach children and adults about nature
7.  through education programmes and on-site tours

Ответ: A B C D E F

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