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US Congress

         The Congress of the United States of America is an important part of the US federal government.
         It is an assembly of elected representatives A ___________________ but not to select the chief executive of the nation; that individual is elected by the people.
         Congress is not a single organization; it is a vast and complex collection of organizations B ___________________ and through which members of Congress form alliances.
         C ___________________, in which political parties are the only important kind of organization, parties are only one of many important units in Congress.
         In fact other organizations have grown in number D ___________________.
         The Democrats and Republicans in the House and the Senate are organized by party leaders, E __________________ within the House and Senate. The party structure is essentially the same in the House as in the Senate, though the titles of various posts are different.
         But leadership carries more power in the House than in the Senate because of the House rules. F ___________________, the House must restrict debate and schedule its business with great care; thus leaders who do the scheduling and who determine how the rules shall be applied usually have substantial influence.

1.  as party influence has declined
2.  against the spirit of the Constitution
3.  being so large (435 members)
4.  empowered to make laws
5.  unlike the British Parliament
6.  by which the business of Congress is carried on
7.  who in turn are elected by the full party membership

Ответ: A B C D E F

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