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Starting your own business

         What are the reasons for starting your own business? One of them is because you believe you are the best in that line or because you have a product or service that has never been offered to the market before. Another is that you are a person in a real hurry and cannot suffer the A___________ to reach your goals. Sometimes it is because you have an inheritance B_____________ soon after you set up a business or that there already is a cash purse with loose strings and you want to make the best of this bonanza.
         If your reasons are any or all of the above, abandon the thought right now and save yourself the disillusionment C____________into the world of commerce.
         Start your own business just for the sake of doing a trade, or for D___________. Do not burden yourself with lofty notions of superiority when compared to your peers. When setting out to start your own business, be emotional about it, but not impractical; don’t be led by your heart, but be dictated by your mind.
         Having covered those parts that are not taught in a business school, let us look at E____________ your own business. You should start with a SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – analyze these for yourself, for partners in your business, if any, and for the business itself.
         If the result of the analysis is encouraging, then prepare a business plan. It is like a road map for actions in the near foreseeable future to achieve your business goals. Finally, execute the business plan with precision; tweak it as you go along, only so that it helps to meet the end goal of successfully F_____________ the business.

1.  the essentials of starting
2.  that awaits when you step
3.  trials and tribulations of employment
4.  establishing and conducting
5.  preparing a business plan
6.  waiting to be acquired
7.  undertaking the commercial activity

Ответ: A B C D E F

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