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Gorky Park

          Gorky Park in Moscow is one of the best recreational places. Moscow’s main city escape is not a conventional expanse of nature preserved inside the urban jungle. It is not a fun fair either, A_______________________. Its official name says it all  — Gorky’s Central Park of Culture and Leisure. That is exactly what it provides: culture and leisure in all shapes and forms. It especially attracts those B_______________________. However, people who prefer peaceful places can sail boats or catamaran or take a walk to Neskuchny Garden, located nearby. Here one can always find a quiet place.
          The first recreational park of Russia was opened on the 12th of August 1928. It was designed by avant-garde architect Konstantin Melnikov. There were exhibition pavilions, tennis courts, a decorative pool and attractions for kids. There was not such a place C_______________________. The park was given the name of famous Soviet writer Maxim Gorky in 1932. Since then it has been called Gorky Park.
          Nowadays, Gorky Park is the central park of Moscow D_______________________ 20 thousand people on weekdays and more than 100 thousand on weekends and holidays. Since 2011 Gorky Park has become the first world-class amusement park in Russia with space for rest, sport, dancing and games outside. The park offers free entrance, wi-fi coverage, as well E_______________________. It is a perfect place for an active holiday, with many things to do. Gorky Park now serves F_______________________, a point of attraction for youth and families.

1.  as newly designed recreational zones
2.  though the park used to be one
3.  who enjoys cultural events and shows
4.  as a true centre of city life
5.  as this park in the world at the time
6.  and is attended by more than
7.  who like fun and entertainment

Ответ: A B C D E F

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