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The Lawn Chair Flyer

          Larry Walters was a truck driver who always dreamed of flying. When he couldn’t get into the U.S. Air Force, he came up with a new plan. One sunny day in July of 1982, Larry made history A_______________________ near Los Angeles, California.
          Larry tied 45 weather balloons to a lawn chair and used helium tanks to fill the balloons. Weather balloons are the balloons used by weather services to measure atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed by a special instrument. Sitting in his sturdy chair B_______________________, Larry ordered his friends to cut the anchor rope. But instead of rising slowly to a height of 100 feet C_______________________, Larry’s aircraft rushed skyward. It rose to over 16,000 feet in the air. The truck driver D_______________________ was suddenly in airplane territory  — in a lawn chair!
          Fortunately, Larry had brought along an air gun and a two-way radio. He used the radio to communicate E_______________________. He also shot a few balloons with the air gun to lower his aircraft. However, the lawn chair eventually drifted into some power lines, causing a power outage in the nearby city of Long Beach.
          After his historic flight, Larry had to pay a fine to the Federal Aviation Administration for flying an uncertified aircraft. He complained that the Wright brothers, F_______________________, had also flown uncertified aircrafts. Later, Larry said, “I fulfilled my dream. But I wouldn’t do this again for anything.”

1)  as he had expected
2)  like many pilots before them
3)  when he took flight in a homemade aircraft
4)  with surprised emergency officials
5)  with no flight experience
6)  inventors of the first airplane
7)  like the proud captain of a ship

Ответ: A B C D E F

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