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Highway Problems

25. Highways have changed the way Americans live. While highways may have improved travel in some ways, they have also caused many problems. Highways are bad for the environment. Today, more than 244 million cars travel on highways and burn gasoline, which creates air pollution. Highways are always _________________. Cars often travel at high speeds on highways. It is easy for accidents to happen.. DANGER
26. There is a special _________________ Highway Service that studies problems on highways. NATION
27. Their __________________ explain that highway traffic gives drivers little room or time to react to mistakes.
28. They also point out that many highways have _____________ road surfaces and don’t have proper safety signs. This causes accidents. EVEN
29. Highways are also __________________ and upsetting. When there is a lot of traffic, cars start honking and flashing their lights. This can give you a headache. Highways are good only when they are empty. NOISE

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