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Imagine that you are doing a project on the favourite school subjects of teenagers in Zetland. You have found some data on the subject – the results of the opinion polls (see the table below).
Comment on the data in the table and give your opinion on the subject of the project.

The opinion poll question: Who is an example for you to follow?

ЕГЭ / Английский / 38.1 задание (24) / 43 изображение 1

Write 200–250 words.

Use the following plan:
— make an opening statement on the subject of the project;
— select and report 2−3 facts;
— make 1−2 comparisons where relevant and give your comments;
— outline a problem that can arise with studying some of the school subjects and suggest a way of solving it;
— conclude by giving and explaining your opinion on the importance of choosing the right role model.

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