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20. Jamaka lived in a little town in Arizona. He was a sophomore – a __________________-year student – at the local high school, and his favourite class was art. TWO
21. When he was 12, Jamaka’s parents took him to the Phoenix Art Museum in the capital of Arizona. It was when he __________________ in front of a painting by a modern Mexican artist, that Jamaka realized how much he wanted to paint. STAND
22. He bought some paints that __________________ in the museum shop, and as soon as he came home, started painting. SELL
23. He painted the dry Arizonian desert and animals that were the colour of sand, but somehow in his pictures they came out fantastically colourful and yet looked __________________ than in real life. REAL
24. Once his art teacher asked him: “Have you ever thought of applying for the art show in ________________ town library?” This library was the only place in Jamaka’s town that held art exhibitions. WE
25. Every month there was a new show by a local artist. “Do you think they __________________ my pictures for a show?” he asked. ACCEPT
26. “I don’t know”, said his teacher. “But we’ll never find out if you __________________”. At home, Jamaka took photos of his three best pictures and applied for the show on the library’s website. NOT TRY
27. In a month he received an answer and __________________ believe it. They accepted him! NOT CAN
28. All the teachers and __________________ from Jamaka’s school came to the opening night. Everyone was happy for Jamaka. CHILD

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