Экзаменационный (типовой) материал ОГЭ / Английский / 29-34 задание / 51

29. Though considered outdated by some people, Morse code is still used today, just not as __________________ as before. It was invented by Samuel Morse in the 1830s. He sent the first message from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore. WIDE
30. Samuel Morse was an American inventor but also a wellknown __________________. He graduated from Yale in 1810 and helped found the National Academy of Design before pursuing his passion for invention. PAINT
31.Communicating through Morse code is fairly secure. Because not everyone knows it, it is __________________ the message will fall into the wrong hands. LIKELY
32. The __________________ is inexpensive and transmitting messages is easy. In the past it was used by the telegraph, in the army, by ships and in many other areas. EQUIP
33. Morse code has also been used for people with _______________ or after severe illnesses. ABILITIES
34. There are many great things about modern technology, but Morse code still has a place in today’s __________________. COMMUNICATE

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