Экзаменационный (типовой) материал ОГЭ / Английский / 29-34 задание / 59

29. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This saying means that without fun, life is ______________.  BORE
30.  Indeed, even hardworking people need some _____________ from time to time or they can get stressed out. ENTERTAIN
31.One of the popular places where people can have fun is the circus and the clown is an essential character in any circus. There are, of course, lots of types of clowns but they all need to be _______________. FUN
32. Clowns usually wear make-up and ridiculous clothes – just think of ______________ Charlie Chaplin. He always wore very big shoes, a big coat and a big hat. FAME
33.  ________________, what clowns do is a very difficult and serious job – they make people laugh. ACTUAL
34. And a good laugh makes our life better. It can even cure _____________ illnesses. So, long live the clown! DIFFER

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