Экзаменационный (типовой) материал ОГЭ / Английский / 29-34 задание / 71

29. Most people like honey and take it with tea, add it to desserts, or just eat it as it is. Doctors say that honey helps you stay _______________ and recommend eating it daily, in small quantities of course. HEALTH
30. There is historically proven _______________ that people began collecting honey about 8,000 years ago. INFORM
31.At that time there were no domestic bees and people had to look for wild bee nests. A honey _______________ needed to be very careful to avoid the bees’ stings. HUNT
32. He knew that the stings were very _______________ and in some cases could be fatal. PAIN
33. Nowadays honey is produced worldwide. The honey bees are _______________ and useful insects. AMAZE
34. Unfortunately, due to ecological reasons the number of bees is falling down dramatically. Scientists warn that they may completely _______________ because of global warming. APPEAR

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