Экзаменационный (типовой) материал ВПР / Английский / 7 класс / 04 задание / 17

Установите соответствие между текстами и их темами, выбрав тему из выпадающего списка. Используйте каждую тему только один раз. В задании одна тема лишняя.

This text deals with …

1.  Sports and money.

2.  The riskiest sports.

3.  The most popular sport.

4.  Sports at school.

5.  Young, sporting and rich.

6.  Sporting inventions.


A.  According to recent statistics, the sport that causes most injuries is rugby, and football is a close second. Despite the popularity of these games, and although we teach school children to play them, they injure more people per 1,000 than motor-racing, skiing, or scuba-diving. Of course, people do get hurt in ‘adventure sport s’ and the most dangerous is climbing, which kills eight people a year.

B.  Britain does not often produce sportsmen or sportswomen who are successful in world sporting championship s, but it has been good at inventing sports and writing the rules of games. Go lf was first played in Scotland in the fifteenth century. Cricket was first played in England in the sixteenth century. Nineteenth-century team sports, such as football, rugby and hockey, were first played in British public schools.

C.  Sport today' means big business for both players and sponsors. Sporting events like the World Cup, which has a TV audience of 45 billion people, make huge amounts of money. Companies like Coca Cola and Adidas have paid more than $30 million to sponsor a sports event. The y know that people all over the world will see their names and logos at the sports stadiums and on participants’ clothes.

D.  Children are encouraged to participate in sports at an early age. There are children’s baseball, football, and basketball team s in almost every community. The rivalry between high schools and colleges in sporting events goes right through the school year from football in September to track and field in June. Cheerleaders and bands lead the supporters in rooting for their home team.

E.  Many top stars make a fortune during their sporting careers. Tiger Woods, the professional golfer, was only 23 years old when he had already earned more than $5 million. He had won eight tournaments in his career by that time, including the US Masters which he won in 1997. He reached the position of the world’s top player in the shortest time ever  — just 42 weeks. Now he is sponsored by Nike, the sportswear company.

Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.



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