Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 10 класс (задания и ответы)

Контрольная работа. Работа состоит из двух разделов, включающих в себя 27 заданий, направленных на выявление понимания лексических единиц и проверку правильного употребления грамматических единиц, пройденных в 10 классе, а также заданий на чтение базового и повышенного уровня сложности.

В конце варианта приведены правильные ответы ко всем заданиям. Вы можете свериться с ними и найти у себя ошибки.

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Интересные задания:

1. Read the text and match the paragraphs with their correct headings (A-H). There is one extra heading.
A. Further success
B. Influence on the next work
C. Last years
D. Unbelievable success
E. Acting career
F. Early life
G. Broken dreams
H. Later career
(1) ______ Jerome Klapka Jerome was an English writer and humorist, famous for the comic travelogue Three Men in a Boat. Jerome was born in Walsall, England. He was the fourth child of an ironmonger and lay preacher. He had two sisters, Paulina and Blandina, and one brother, Milton, who died at an early age. Jerome was registered as Jerome Clapp Jerome, like his father’s name, and the Klapka appears to be a later variatiob. The family fell into poverty owing to bad investments in the local mining industry, an experience that Jerome described vividly in his autobiography My Life and Times.
(2) ______ The young Jerome attended St Marylebone Grammar School. He wished to go into politics or be a man of letters, but the death of his father when Jerome was 13 and of his mother when he was 15 forced him to quit his studies and find work to support himself. He was employed at the London and North Western Railway, initially collecting coal that fell along the railway, and he remained there for four years.
(3) ______ Jerome was inspired by his older sister’s love for the theatre, and he decided to try his hand at acting in 1877, under the stage name Harold Crichton. He joined a troupe that produced plays often drawing on the actors’ own resources to purchase costumes and props. After three years on the road with no evident success, the 21-year-old Jerome decided that he had enough of stage life and sought other occupations. Finally, in 1885, he had some success with a collection of humorous essays. They were published in the newly founded magazine, Home Chimes.
(4) ______ On 21 June 1888, Jerome married Georgina Elizabeth Henrietta Stanley Marris. The honeymoon took place on the Thames «in a little boat”, a fact that was to have a significant influence on his next and most important work, Three Men in a Boat. Jerome sat down to write Three Men in a Boat as soon as the couple returned from their honeymoon. In the novel, his wife was replaced by his longtime friends George and Harris.
(5) ______ Jerome managed to create hilarious situations which were connectedto the history of the Thames region. The book, published in 1889, became an instant success and has never been out of print. Its popularity was such that the number of registered Thames boats went up fifty percent in the year following its publication, and it contributed significantly to the Thames becoming a tourist attraction. In its first twenty years alone, the book sold over a million copies worldwide.
(6) ______ With the financial security that the sales of the book provided, Jerome was able to dedicate all of his time to writing. He wrote a number of plays, essays, and novels, but was never able to recapture the success of Three Men in a Boat. In 1892, he became the editor of The Idler. In 1893, he founded To-Day, but had to withdraw from both publications because of financial difficulties. In 1898, a short stay in Germany inspired Jerome to write Three Men on the Bummel, the sequel to Three Men in a Boat. The book, however, was not very successful.
(7) ______ In 1926, Jerome published his autobiography, My Life and Times. He spent more time at his farmhouse near Wallingford. In June 1927 Jerome suffered a paralytic stroke. He lay in Northampton General Hospital for two weeks before dying on 14 June. His gravestone reads «For we are labourers together with God». A small museum dedicated to this talented writer and his works was opened in 1984 at hi birth home in Walsall, but it closed in 2008, and the contents were returned to Walsall Museum.
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2. Read the text and complete it with the correct answer a-c.
I objected to the sea trip strongly. A sea trip does you good when you are going to have (8)__________ couple of months of it, but, for a week, it is wicked. You start on Monday with the idea implanted in your bosom that you are going to enjoy yourself. You wave an airy adieu to the boys on shore, light your biggest pipe, and swagger about the deck as if you were Captain Cook, Sir Francis Drake, and Christopher Columbus all rolled into one. On Tuesday, you wish you (9)__________. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, you wish you (10)__________dead. On Saturday, you (11)__________ to swallow a little beef tea, and to sit up on deck, andanswer with a wan, sweet now. On Sunday, you begin to walk about again, and take solid food. And on Monday morning, as, with your bag and umbrella in your hand, you stand by the gunwale, waiting to step ashore; you begin to thoroughly like it. I remember my brother-in-law going for a short sea trip once, for the benefit of his health. He took a return berth from London to Liverpool; and when he got to Liverpool, the only thing he was anxious about was to sell that return ticket. It (13)__________round the town at a tremendous reduction, so I am told; and was eventually sold for eighteen pence to a bilious-looking youth who (14)__________ by his medical men (15)__________ to the sea-side, and take exercise. «Sea-side!» said my brother-in-law, pressing the ticket affectionately into his hand; «why, you’ll have enough to last you a lifetime; and as for exercise! why, you’ll get more exercise, sitting down on that ship, than you would turning somersaults on dry land.» He himself — my brother-in-law — came back by (16)__________ train. He said the North- Western Railway (17)__________ healthy enough for him.
(From Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome)

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